Oil Paintings

This body of work is a series of abstract, pattern-based oil paintings influenced by color field painting, though my paintings are of a smaller scale. In this series of paintings, I use repetitive lines and bands as a vehicle to explore color interactions in a painting and between paintings. I aim to make these paintings luminous and ethereal with surfaces worthy of a closer look. My process involves building up multiple layers of translucent and semi-opaque layers of paint. Each layer is partially removed using various implements such as palette knives, brushes, blades or silicone tools.

I have used interference paint in some of these paintings and am intrigued by the optical effects. Interference paint is made of mica particles coated with titanium dioxide and is nearly colorless. However, when viewed from an angle, light is refracted and color appears to the human eye. I love this interactive quality.

Encaustic Paintings

A series of small encaustic paintings, completed in 2008, represent a turning point in my work. My earlier paintings were representational still lifes and landscapes. As I explored different approaches to imagery and oil glazing techniques, my focus shifted to color and pattern.

Encaustic is an ancient painting technique that involves painting with heated beeswax to which colored pigments and damar resin are added and painted on a rigid surface. I am drawn to the wax medium because of the speed at which I can build up translucent layers (relative to oil) and the physical process of working with the material. With each layer of wax, I leave intentional and incidental marks along with other artifacts by scraping and incising the surface. I finish each painting by leaving a smooth, polished surface. The small scale of these paintings invites the viewer to move in closer, where I hope that they will be engaged by the luminous surface and the subtle interplay of color.